Disconnectd Call 1800 REVERSE

This lino print is a depiction of an empty phone box in Wellington Court Hobart advertising 1800 REVERSE as a free emergency call to home if you are cashless, billing the recipient if they accept the terms. The phone box and it’s system for access to home when you have no cash led me to examine the various reality experiences of what home means to individuals. What is home? Is it external? Or can it be found in connecting to the soul? The paradigms laid out to us in the current global climate of neo capitalism are promoting a sense of belonging through the external material manifestations that we can purchase in tandem with highlighting an environment of division, separation and scarcity and pose the threat of the loss of a sense of belonging due to the scarcity of basic external necessities such as housing. This promotion of fear results in disconnection, which results in the exclusion of the very real existence of soul connection, an imperative not to be lost. An exercise in disseminating the memory of soul connection.

Lino on cartridge, 30cm x 30cm

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